Sneak Peak: MAP 2013 Presentation with Evan Jones

MAP 2013 Presentation with Evan Jones from Stitch Media

With the launch of the Mobile Accelerator Program responsive website on June 19th, 2013, we wanted to give our readers a sneak peak of the presentations that were held during MAP 2013.

Evan Jones from Stitch Media, was one of of the first presenters of MAP 2013, and under the umbrella of “Concept,” he discussed the concept phase of mobile apps, choosing the platform it could be on, launch options and possible pricing strategies.

He emphasized the importance of asking when creating your mobile app, the WHY. Before even creating your app, to ask why should you be creating your app and who is it for. This creates a motivation to propel you through the long haul of creating, launching and maintaining your app success. As well as, satisfying your users needs and wants.The answers to the WHY, leads to many more insights and trouble shooting, then deciding to just create your mobile app and hope it succeeds.

For further insights from Evan Jones, check out these videos on our YouTube Channel.


Stitch Media partner Evan Jones, is a two-time Emmy Award® winner whose innovative work on interactive content for primetime television, radio, web, mobile and games have established him as a pioneer in new genres of Alternate Reality Games, Locative Media and Interactive Documentary.

His work was recognized as one of the ‘Top 10 New Media Groundbreakers’ according to the Bell Broadcast & New Media Fund. Evan’s international clients include Microsoft, Disney, FOX, CBC, Bell, Discovery and The Movie Network.

He has taught ‘Rich Media Production’, ‘Transmedia Storytelling’ and ‘Extending TV Drama Experiences’ around the world at the Canadian Film Centre, the Australian Film, Television & Radio School and the University of Southern California with Dr. Henry Jenkins.


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